Universal FAQ: CO2 Enrichment

Where does the gas come from? 

Universal Controls utilizes CO2 bulk tanks. This is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly method of supplying CO2 gas to your grow area.

How does the system work?

A 7-inch touch screen monitor and control center allows for complete automation of CO2 enrichment to every grow area.

Why do we need alarms and sensors?

When incorporating CO2 systems in a large capacity, alarms and sensors will alert you of potential leaks, or high volumes of CO2 in the area, keeping your team and products safe at all times. 
Our company prides itself on researching and complying with international and state specific Fire and NFPA Code in each CO2 enriched zone. 

I already have CO2 monitors in my grow areas. Can I just keep those and add your monitors and controls?

No, most CO2 monitors installed in grow facilities do not have alarms integrated. To meet AHJ regulations our system is networked with all safety standards.

How do we get more CO2 gas?

Universal Controls offers a system that will automatically contact the gas supplier when your tank starts running low.

How much will our crops grow when enriching with CO2?

Typical grow facilities see a yield increase of 20-40% 

Is it okay if we already have plants in the areas?

Yes, we can provide gas to rooms that are already occupied by plants.

Who supplies the bulk tank for the CO2?

We will set you up with a bulk tank provider in your area.

Do I have to be on site to track trends and control the system?

No, your system is networked. You can track trends and manage CO2 levels from anywhere.

Is gassing an area with CO2 bad for the environment?

If kept at levels under 1500 ppm with sufficient lighting, the plants actually recycle the CO2, replacing it with oxygen.