Testimonial for Universal CO2

"We are extremely proud of our facility and Universal has been a huge part of that process. They stood by our side at every iteration of our design layout and continuously modified their systems to accommodate our needs as they changed and progressed. Upon completion of our systems they never dropped us and continue to work with us to ensure we have everything we needed to run the systems long into the future and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Their customer service is top notch, the equipment they source is perfect for the job, and their control systems are sophisticated and easy to use. We highly recommend them"  Raymond Furth (Highland Provisions)

Universal Controls made the permit process a breeze!

"Universal Controls made the permit process a breeze and the local inspectors were very impressed with the equipment selection and professional installation.......The customer service is excellent and they stand behind their work.....Universal Controls was the only contractor to come in on-time and under budget. I will use them on every project I work on. Thank you again to the team at Universal Controls." — Kris Palmer (Lux Leaf: Colorado)

Tetra Cannabis Medicinal: Puerto Rico - Testimonial

Universal Controls did an outstanding job on all the work provided for my facility in Puerto Rico. They in fact were the single best contractor that worked on our entire build out. Communication is always on point which was the key to our success with being a seemingly difficult job in a difficult location. His crew was clean and respectful of our facility and protocols. In my book great customer service is number one and that's what you get every time you work with Universal Controls. I have used their systems in other facilities I have ran and I really appreciate these guys and all the work they do. Never disappointed.
- Andy Sack (Tetra Cannabis Medicinal: Puerto Rico)

Testimonial for Universal CO2

"Universal has been an amazing partner to work with and we could not be happier with the state of the art enrichment system or the service before and after the sale provided by Kelvin.  The system is amazingly automated and simple to use yet incredibly sophisticated in what it does.  I can't wait to work with Universal on our next build-out."  Ryan Fowler  (Redeye Releaf: Colorado)

Testimonial for Universal CO2

"Universal Controls sets the client/vendor bar extremely high. If all my vendors were as responsive and thorough as UC I'd have much fewer grey hairs. Thank you!" - Pat Spydell