Environmental Control

At the forefront of CO2 enrichment, Universal Grow Controls has created a proprietary, environmental control system focused on supplying your plants with all of their elemental and nutritional needs. The main controls can be managed through the user-friendly touchscreen monitor or your mobile device. 

Environmental Engineering & Monitoring

Maintain an optimal environment and micro-climates with set parameters. 

Our equipment is programmed to communicate with building automation systems (BAS) and HVAC systems ensuring optimal growing conditions. 

  • CO2 Enrichment & Safety
  • Lighting Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Air Handlers
  • Fan Control
  • Relative Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Vapor Pressure Deficit

Messaging, Monitoring, and Notifications

  • Alarms and warnings
  • Emergency shut-off
  • Receive alerts via text or email
  • Remote access with full control
  • Remote engineering support

Data Recording

  • Track your data trends for all of your environmental needs
  • Measure your results


VPD and Light Sensors

  • Target optimum transpiration zones for maximum growth potential
  • Control Airhandlers and HVAC for each zone
  • Receive alerts when optimal atmospheric conditions are compromised within the grow space
  • Adjust the opacity and spectrum of capable lighting systems
  • Control lighting sequence for light and dark periods