• Drafting Engineering Services

Our drafting engineering services provide full equipment plan sets including hardware layout, electrical and mechanical schematics, datasheets, and product specifications. We work with architects, engineers, and regulators, such as fire departments and building code authorities. We execute technical plan sets and instruction manuals for our methods, programs, systems, and equipment.




Innovative. Sustainable. Customizable. Expandable

Plans and drawings are produced from concept and function to incorporate a building"s footprint and its subsequent equipment. Our engineering approach to designing your cultivation equipment and automation is multi-tiered, concerning safety, enrichment, science, and compliance. We collaborate closely with project cultivators to match equipment schedules with your property, infrastructure, personnel, and regulatory requirements.



Licensing: Application support

Architecture: Property plans and support teams

Engineering: Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and project partners

Design: Cultivation automation, extraction laboratories, and commercial kitchens

Equipment: Schedule and recommendations

Permitting: PE approval, fire inspections

CO2 Supply: Bulk, microbulk or dewars and gas supply

Methods of Procedures: Environmental control, irrigation and nutrient delivery