Data Packages


Our systems are configured to only transmit sensitive data over our virtual private network, keeping customer data hidden and encrypted while in transit.



System Overview (Basic)


  • Quickly view the state of the entire system. Identify any readings that are out of range immediately
  • Gain insight into your system: optimize VPD levels, track drift in pH & EC readings.



Detailed Room Dashboards (Intermediate/Advanced):


  • See current values are in range at a glance, based on the value ranges you choose.
  • Statistics of average, min, max, range, or cumulative change over chosen time periods.  (ex: Average CO2 levels over the last eight hours)



Analytical Trend Alerts (Intermediate/Advanced): 


  • Site map with current readings, click the reading to go to the associated room.
  • Trends for all sensors: view current and historical data instantly and identify inconsistencies.
  • Set up email or text alerts to include a snapshot of any trend for key stakeholders in your organization.



View and Control (Intermediate/Advanced):  


  • View multiple HMI screens at once.
  • Access monitoring and change the settings in your system directly from the same interface, mobile device, or tablet.
  • Quickly edit schedules and tie in 3rd party integrations for additional trending.

Privacy & Protection

In addition to the security provided by the VPN, our database servers require that connecting clients provide a digital security certificate (SSL/TLS) signed by Universal Grow Controls.  This makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to remotely log into a customer's database, even if they're somehow able to get on a customer's VPN. Our database and application servers run on the newest release of Ubuntu Server long-term support (LTS), one of the most supported and tested Linux distributions available.

3 Packages To Choose From

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Alarm Monitoring (Email/SMS) Alarm Monitoring (Email/SMS) Alarm Monitoring (Email/SMS)
Temperature/RH Temperature/RH Temperature/RH
Data Back-Up for 1 Year Data Back-Up for 3 Years Data Back-Up for 5 Years
Hardware Discount 10% Hardware Discount 15% Hardware Discount 20%
Local Access Only Local Access Only Local Access Only
10% Off Replacement Parts, Upgrades, 15% Off Replacement Parts, Upgrades, 20% Off Replacement Parts, Upgrades,
Calibrations Calibrations Calibrations
Tank Rental Discount 5% Tank Rental Discount 10% Tank Rental Discount 15%
  Custom Configuration, Floor Plan Custom Configuration, Floor Plan
  Overlay, 1-Click Access to Historical Data Overlay, 1-Click Access to Historical Data
  3rd Party Integration 3rd Party Integration
  Data Points for 3rd Party Integration Reporting Data Points for 3rd Party Integration Reporting
  Dedicated Account Coordinator Dedicated Account Coordinator
  Expansion Discounts Expansion Discounts
    Custom Branded Dashboards
    Built in *Alarm Monitoring Support

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