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Puerto Rico System Install

In Febuary, UniversalCO2 had the pleasure of doing a massive install for our clients down in thee 51st state, Puerto Rico.

The island of Puerto Rico legalized Medical Cannabis in 2015.   After a lengthy debate, Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed an executive order to authorize the use of medical marijuana in the U.S. territory, surprising everyone – even the advocates!
 By January 2016, a regulatory framework had been established. Officials said cannabis could be used in the form of pills, creams, patches and oral drops, the Associated Press reported. Officials laid out other initiatives such as implementing a seed-to-sale inventory tracking system, licensing for doctors and commercial cultivation, and establishing testing protocols.
Puerto Rico, following in line with its already strict anti-smoking regulations, will not allow for the smoking of medicinal marijuana.
In March 2016, Garcia indicated he wants the territory to go even further and legalize marijuana.
During his final public address, Padilla said the legislature should move to legalize cannabis, or at least approve a 2013 bill that would decriminalize marijuana.
Puerto Rico’s economy is in the throes of crisis — the country is saddled with more than $70 billion of debt and it has little means to meet obligations to its bondholders, the New York Times report:
The island skipped a $399 million debt payment due May 2, but the defaults have continued to escalate. Puerto Rico has been struggling with a prolonged recession, with rising unemployment and declining business that has led hundreds of thousands of residents to move to the United States mainland.
The inclusion of a reciprocity provision — which allows medical marijuana patients from other states to purchase products from Puerto Rico dispensaries — was looked upon as a huge value-add for a country with a strong medical tourism industry, Maldonado said.

With that being said Universal is proud to say that we helped to develop one of the largest grows on the island.  The project consisted of 8 rooms teetering on 80,000sqft transformed to grow space thus far in an enormous facility with a plethora of space to expand into.  All 8 rooms are now equipped with our state of the art CO2 enrichment system with every detail of safety and an instant profit increase implemented.  In addition to the best  system in CO2 enrichment we also custom built and intalled a 96 station watering panel.  Both panels are fully automated with LCD touch screens and remote access.  These customized systems will ensure safety and reliability while being economical and tailored to "growing" needs.  Welcome to the future Puerto Rico!

Team Universal