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Universal CO2 and what we do

CO2 Enrichment and why?

With Universal CO2 we provide you a multitude of options that will benefit you and your company, CO2 enrichment is just one of them.  Our industry leading system in your garden or greenhouse will provide you with fast proven results and more quality product with each harvest.  Growers have been capitalizing on adding CO2 for years and many more are beginning every month.  When it comes to cannabis grow's, adding CO2 has many benefits as well as increased yields at harvest time.  Those benefits include:

Faster growing and healthier plants.
Introducing CO2 in your vegetative room is a great way to begin a healthy life cycle for your plants.  Simple science is that plants use CO2 in their life and growing process of photosynthesis creating chlorophyll and then releasing oxygen O2.  When you raise the CO2 level it increases this process creating faster growth/bigger plants.  Once your plants are moved into the flowering stage continued enrichment will not only aid in growth while the plants stretch out, it will also create larger and thicker flowers/buds.  This equals greater yields and more product over all. Our clients who utilize our system see a shorter veg time and a overall product yield increase from 20-40%.

Higher Temperatures.
With higher levels of CO2 in your grow your plants actually desire a higher than normal temp because of the extra CO2 they are processing. This is beneficial for a couple of reasons.  The ability to be able to operate at a higher temperature will actually lower your electrical bill from not needing AC, HVAC, and fans operating as much. Growing in the middle of the summer in some grows can cause stress on the plants.  Higher temps and CO2 enrichment will help when lower temps are difficult to attain.

Aids against pests.
Its been tested that higher levels of CO2 can aid in slowing down the reproduction rates of a number of garden pests such as thrips, aphids, and spider mites etc. Certain levels can help suffocate them to help with an infestation while not harming the plants .  Having it as another tool in your pest control regiment will help cut back on harmful and unnecessary chemicals saving you more money and helping you to go greener.

Creates O2.
Your enriched plants will actually turn most of the CO2 into O2.  This creates cleaner healthier air and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

As you can see adding our system is a win win.  Many of the world's top producers are already using Universal CO2.  With our approved system and the proven benefits theres no reason to not start enjoying what CO2 can do for you.  Will you be next?  Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you maximize your grow.

Team Universal